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What are the characteristics of customized LED display?


Due to the needs of the market, customization of LED display screen has become a trend in the market. What are the characteristics of customized LED display? Which products are more suitable for customization? Which is the best manufacturer of customized LED display? These are the concerns of friends.
First, the characteristics of customized LED display screen:
The concept of customization of LED display screen has a long history, but it itself requires higher requirements for enterprises, integrated into R&D and production to solutions. From all walks of life, different customers in different industries choose diverse needs. Customers no longer have to "passively" choose the "assembly line" products directly provided by LED display manufacturers as before. They begin to put forward more stringent requirements for products and pursue "personalized customization".
At present, in the LED display industry, product homogeneity is serious. At the same time, consumption structure is constantly upgrading, and consumer habits are also changing dramatically. Traditional functional products can not meet the needs of local consumers; consumer demand has changed from functional, brand-oriented to experiential and participatory. In other words, it means the opportunity to customize the LED display.
2. Which LED display products are more suitable for customization
1. LED special-shaped screen
This includes conventional LED display, such as appearance: arc, spherical, cylindrical, magic cube, cube and other shapes. Because of the different structures, the technical requirements of LED display manufacturers are more stringent. If the technology is not up to standard, the spliced LED display screen will cause many problems, such as uneven appearance caused by too large splicing gap and discontinuous splicing surface, which will destroy the aesthetic feeling of the overall design, and the viewing effect is not good.
2. LED Transparent Screen
It can also be used as arc, curtain, magic cube and other shapes. The size and size of LED transparent display screen are also strictly regulated, and no deviation is allowed. Depending on the scene, not a model comes out, so it can't be copied. In many cases, it is not a perceptual decision that runs through all links of the manufacturing industry chain of LED transparent display screen, including customized modeling. Fully consider the special scenes and special uses of screen running, including customized LED chips with some "special functions" and details processing, to ensure that the splicing surface is neat, to achieve a unique display effect of packaging, splicing technology.
3.LED soft screen
The biggest feature of the soft screen is that it is flexible and flexible, suitable for various application scenarios. Tuosheng photoelectric LED soft screen has been applied in many areas at home and abroad, including building advertisement lighting, 3D modeling, spherical, sail, arc and so on.
Customized products, due to more customer needs, in terms of profits, "high-end customized" LED display project profit margin is greater. It can be said that customization as a direction of the development of the LED industry can not only meet the market demand, but also promote the brand in the process of profitability and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
In the long run, the upsurge of customization has also promoted the enterprises of LED display to actively pursue better products and promote the overall development of the industry. Customization has become a trend, which will inject new blood into the LED display market, which is a test for various enterprises, but also an opportunity to enhance their strength.

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